We have a house!

There is still a little under 3 weeks before we leave for LA, but we have already secured a place to live.
We are very excited to have this potentially troublesome issue already organized before we even arrive in LA.

 We will be living in a suburb of Santa Clarita, CA called Newhall which is, by all accounts, a family-friendly place to be and which is also very popular with Seminary students.
The 2-bedroom apartment is in a small complex of 18 apartments, but it has a pool, which I think will be a most welcome amenity for the girls, especially during the summer.

We feel absolutely blessed to not only have secured the apartment, but even more so after talking to the wonderful and most helpful apartment manager’s, Ricky and Laurie.
We are looking forward to meeting them and settling in.

We happily invite anyone who wants to come and visit to do so.
We would love to host you (only condition is: you must bring marmite).


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