Getting Settled

We have been living in Newhall, California for nearly a week now and we are slowly getting settled in.
Not long after arriving, we were determined to work hard to get the family settled as quickly as we could. This meant getting all the furnishings and other household items, which is not normally an easy task in a foreign (and big) city.
What we didn’t count on was how quickly the furnishings would be acquired.

After spending the first couple of nights at a friends house, word soon got around that a family from New Zealand had arrived and were in need of furniture to set up house. In the next day or two, we received offers for furniture and other household items, so we spent 2 days driving around in a van and picking it all up.
This has been a double blessing as not only did we get stuff for the house, but we also got some practice driving on the right-side of the road.

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of the people here as we have been given us some fantastic furniture, frozen food and have already been invited out to dinner. The love of Christ has certainly been demonstrated through the people here, even in the midst of a declining economy.

We have been blessed by the apartment block we live in. Our neighbours are nothing short of fantastic, very welcoming and only too pleased to help us settle in in any way they can. This morning we awoke to one of our neighbours knocking on the door with a stack of freshly cooked waffles and maple syrup…and they were great.


One response to “Getting Settled

  1. We’re glad to hear you’re settling in OK.
    Awesome news about the furniture & food – sort of like the give away table at Naenae for Christ table…..only a whole lot bigger huh! How wonderful it is to be the recipient of God’s goodness through the body of Christ huh.
    I can’t imagine what it must feel like driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, although I do kind of know I guess – I’ve driven some left-hand drive cars on NZ roads. Very weird going around the ‘outside’ of a round-about.
    Have a great day tomorrow – especially at church 🙂
    Love to one & all.
    Kind regards,
    Ross Burr
    Go the All Blacks!!!

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