Super-Size Me

One thing that immediately stikes you about living in the U.S is that everything is big. And I don’t mean big, but BIG. Apparantly smaller cars are becoming increasingly popular here but we are yet to see much evidence of that. People drive around in big ‘trucks’ (we call them utes). The amazing thing is that most households don’t have just one truck but two or three.
Pictures don’t do some of these monsters justice, but there are some massive trucks and I feel dwarfed when standing next to them.

The stores are huge. We buy most of our household goods from either Costco or Walmart. The Walmart we use is a supercentre and it is huge (apparantly the supercentre’s average 185,000 square feet in size and employ approximately 350 staff).
The supercentre has most stores you will find in an entire shopping mall – Pharmacy, Vision Centre, Hair Salon, Garden Centre, McDonalds and much, much more – all under one roof. It even has a Tyre and Lube Centre.

The Costco store is also big and you can get many bulk food in big sizes.
One of my favourites has to be …wait for it… a gallon of Best Foods mayonnaise. Classic.


7 responses to “Super-Size Me

  1. Hi guys.
    Nice pics. Yep, those trucks are big all right, and thirsty too! May I suggest you only get what you ‘need’, car wise.
    Victoria looks set for a looooong movie session. 🙂
    I see what you mean about BIG – strewth, I mean really, a GALLON of mayo!!!
    The family are just going to have to go on BIG walks after meals huh 🙂
    Good news for Naenae4Christ – we had our beloved Mark back on deck and in fine form. He’s getting better day by day, although still needs a walking stick…..for now.
    Many of the Naenae people said they’d missed him and were happy to see him back. The relationships are definitely growing, praise God.
    Have a great day/week my friends.
    Ross & family

    • Hi Ross,
      Even though there are many trucks, we are still on the lookout for a Japansese car, although the mini-vans (what we call 7-seaters) are not that easy to find. We realise that they are probably the most reliable and the most economical).
      Great news about Mark. It is great to hear that he is back preaching.
      Please pass on to Mark and Tania our regards.

      Mark, Denise, Victoria and Maddy

  2. WOAH!!! Hi guys it’s Ella W!
    Im sooo keen for that movie with Victoria!
    It’s great to hear from you guys and we are soooo missing maddy from Word of life!
    God Bless You all,
    Love Ella W xx

  3. Did you leave anything for your daughter?

  4. Hi
    great to hear you are settling in and enjoying the weather. Just to let you know Lyka and Santino travelled to Manila last Friday to process their passport, then in about three weeks their visa medicals. So our trip is getting closer.
    Blessings to you all Colleen and Craig.

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