South Seas Apartments

Today was the last day of classes for a week as the Seminary breaks for Thanksgiving for all of next week. I am grateful for some respite as it allows me to catch up on assignments and go over some things I need to review before Finals week.

I came home tired and in need of a change of scenery, so I thought I would take my girls out on a mystery trip (Denise was out at a Fellowship lunch).  The destination? – South Seas Apartments in Reseda, CA.

Now, for the very knowledgable and for those who possess exquisite taste in movies, would know that the South Seas Apartments was a movie location and is famous for being the residence of the Larussos in ‘The Karate Kid’ (1984). One of my very favorite movies.

I have a tour of all of ‘The Karate Kid’ movie locations around L.A. lined up and I plan to visit them all at a later date, but for now…

Below are some pictures we took today (I have also taken some screenshots from the movie for comparison). It was very exciting…



The apartments today.




The front of the apartments as seen in the movie (1984).



A view through the front gate as it looks today. Still looks the same (except the pool had water in it!). The Larusso’s apartment was situated at the top of the far stair case.


Down the side of the apartment complex is the parking garage and the field opposite the parking garage. The parking garage is where they built Miyagi’s workshop.


Here is a screenshot from the movie showing the parking garage and where Miyagi’s workshop (the green doors to the right of the picture) was built.


This is the parking space today where Miyagi’s workshop was located. Notice the gate where in the movie Daniel exited to find the workshop.



This is the same gate in the movie.



The field opposite the building parking garage was the scene in the movie where Daniel took a beating. Here is the field today (looking decidedly dry).


The field as seen in the movie showing Daniel running toward the apartment fence (which still exists today).


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  1. Mark, it’s super-cool to hear from your blog, and so neat to hear about your new life as I know you’ve been working so hard. BUT… Did your girls enjoy this as much as you did? I do hope they had a good time… Love, Rachel

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