Living Waters

This morning, I had the great pleasure of accepting an invitation, along with a  few  of my fellow seminary students to meet the men behind the Living Waters ministry at their base in Bellflower, California. It was a thrill for me especially, as the founder of Living Waters (and another prominent ministry, ‘The Way of the Master‘) is Ray Comfort – a fellow New Zealander, who since 1989, has almost single-handedly changed the landscape of evangelism in the United States. I can remember as a kid, poring over a Ray Comfort book that my parents owned:  ‘My Friends are Dying’ and being captivated by the book’s vivid illustrations and powerful messages. So, I was very excited to meet Ray and his ministry team.

The morning started off with a tour around the ‘Living Waters’ offices and studio.  It was fascinating to see from where the radio shows are broadcast, where they film the various Living Waters and The Way of the Master TV programs and to see and understand the background processes that are involved in producing the programs. We were also shown the customer service center, bookstore, packing room and other aspects of the ministry.

After the tour, we were able to sit and watch a live broadcast of today’s program (March 6, 2012) of the TV program ‘In the Box’ where the hosts, Ray Comfort, Tony Miano and Mark Spence responded to some questions and objections to The Way of the Master. We even got mentioned on the show as being guests (I am mentioned at 22:27 and 22:34)! The show was great to watch and I was surprised at how relaxed they all were and how much fun they were having during the show.

We ended the morning by having lunch with the whole Living Waters team, spending some time with them and gleaning what we could, especially regarding evangelism. I am especially interested in their open air preaching as I would like to do some open air preaching at some stage and learn how to effectively share the gospel in this context.

What a great way to spend a morning. Tomorrow, Shepherd’s Conference. It just gets better.


4 responses to “Living Waters

  1. Suzanne Gaiger

    You are sooooo totally blessed!!!! Ray Comfort is AWESOME! Watch ‘On the Box’ all the time on You Tube!!! Reading his book at the moment Hitler, God and The Bible! GO YOU!!!!!! 😀

    • Thanks Suzanne. Yeah, it was a thrill for me and I wished I could have stayed out all day. Ray preaches every Saturday at one of the LA beaches, so I will be going down a few times and learn from him. I haven’t read that book yet, but he gave us copies of it and signed them. Topped off a great morning.
      Richest blessings to you,

  2. Well! well! well!. Sounds extremely interesting, especially when you remember reading Ray Comfort’s book, ‘My friends are dying’ and then meeting him years later. Wonderful experience to have gone through the works. Good on you Mark. Did Grant go with your group?

  3. Wow Buddy, what a privilege! I think Ray is just awesome too – so blessed with the gift of evangelism…….which he uses to God’s glory and the salvation of many a lost soul. I’ve seen a few videos of him and Kirk Cameron – doing little skits or taking the camera to the street – witnessing and challenging people.
    Good on you Mark. I hear your heart. You can hardly do wrong, to follow in his foot steps as it were.
    God bless you & yours.

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