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Halfway House Cafe

IMG_5273One of the fascinating things about living in Los Angeles, is that everything around you, and everything that you see, has potentially featured in a movie, TV show, or commercial at some stage.  Such was the case, when we saw a small, and seemingly innocuous-looking cafe while driving to a friends house on the Sierra Highway.  Standing on it’s own, we thought that the cafe looked a nice place to have breakfast.  So last weekend, we did just that, and headed out to it.

spacecowboysAs it turns out, the Halfway House Cafe, a classic American diner, is one of those locations that has featured in movies, TV shows and commercials, and it has plenty of interesting memorabilia hanging from the walls to prove it.  To list a few, the Halfway House cafe has featured in movies such as Space Cowboys, Life, Heartbreak Ridge, and Georgia Rule, and appeared in TV shows such as Criminal Minds, Heroes, Monk, The A-Team, The Fugitive, Sons of Anarchy, and Starsky & Hutch.  It was also the location of a Pepsi commercial, featuring Cindy Crawford.

halfway_cafeIn the early 1900’s, the cafe was initially a trading post, and as its name suggests, it was the half-way point between Los Angeles and Palmdale (Palmdale is approximately 60 miles north of LA).

Today, the cafe still has that western saloon feel about it, especially with that classic American counter that I really like. The menu contained the usual fare that is found at any classic American diner, but still worth the visit.