Orientation 2012

This week was orientation week at The Master’s Seminary and I was greatly humbled earlier this year when the seminary asked me, along with eleven of my fellow students, to be an orientation leader for the seventy incoming students who start this Fall.

As much as possible, and as early as possible, the orientation leaders committed themselves to welcoming the incoming students (not forgetting their wives and families) and assisting them, in any way possible, with their shift to Southern California.  This often meant, physically moving furniture, unloading trucks and generally answering any questions about the seminary or life in Los Angeles.  Once all of my guys were settled into their new homes, I combined with another group and hosted them all for a BBQ meal.  It was a great chance to get all the men together and for them to meet each other before Orientation.  The friendships formed in these early days are very important as they will all go through seminary together and even beyond.

This year, orientation was a little different.  A lot of the usual events occurred, such as the lunches, the campus tour, the dreaded English grammar and bible proficiency exams and the dessert evening, but a change to the preaching program this Fall meant that the seminary slotted the ‘Fundamentals of Preaching’ class into the orientation.  What a thrill for the new students to come to orientation and spend three hours each morning listening and learning from two of the foremost preachers going around today: Dr. John MacArthur and Dr. Steve Lawson.  Man, how I would have loved that at my orientation last Fall!  Here is the first session on the first morning which was presented by Dr. John MacArthur (I even spotted myself in the video!).

To serve as an orientation leader over the past few months has been a wonderful experience as well as enabling me to meet more of the men that God has sent to the seminary in preparation for ministry.  It is fascinating and quite astounding, how each man has a remarkably different background and story as to how they came to the seminary, yet the evidence of the providence of God working in the background in each of their lives is very familier.

I am grateful for each of these men and looking to further developing my friendship with each one as the semester progresses.


3 responses to “Orientation 2012

  1. Sounds like you had a great time there Mark – may it continue. Neat to see more families joining you. Great to hear about their commitment and how God guided each one to do what you have done. May God continue to bless you and yours. Ross

    • Thanks Ross. Thank you for your encouragement and regular comments. It really means a lot to us. Richest blessings to you and your family.

      • No worries Mark. It’s really my pleasure. It’s lovely to see all of your family enjoying their time together in the US. I watch out for you guys on Facebook too – lots of laughs & great Tweets too. Blessings.

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