Malibu Getaway

Malibu is one of our favorite spots in California.  It is a strip of 21 miles of prime Pacific coastline at the top end of the Santa Monica Bay, which is known for it’s ocean scenery, beautiful beaches, not to mention being home to many of the Hollywood movie stars and personalities.

Last weekend, Denise and I were blessed to spend a few days in Malibu, which was made possible by a family who generously let out their guest house to seminary couples.  This allowed us to escape to the beach for a few days, to relax and have some uninterrupted time together.  Naturally, I took my school work with the best intentions of getting a lot of work done, especially at this end of the semester, but once we arrived, my study was pushed aside for the sake of spending some quality time with Denise.

We grabbed some lunch at the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, then spent the rest of the afternoon walking a few miles along the beautiful coastline.  Paradise Cove is a great spot to spend the day, which explains why the location has been featured in many movies, TV shows and commercials.  After a restful afternoon, we indulged in a little reminder of home by having fish and chips for dinner at Malibu Seafood.  Actually, the fish and chips weren’t bad and were definitely the best we have had in the U.S. thus far.

The next day, Denise and I went for a bike ride (guided by our kind host) along the very scenic Westward Beach Road which runs at the base of sea cliffs. At the end of the road, we parked our bikes, hiked up Point Dume and took in the wonderful views which were afforded to us.  On the way home, we stopped by Zuma Canyon Orchids, where we were kindly given a guided tour of the property and the operation by owner George Vasquez, who is essentially the ‘supplier to the stars’.  George mentioned that we had just missed Janes Leeves, to which I quipped that George should call her up and tell her she left some plants behind in an attempt to get her to come back. We also saw pots owned by Maria Shriver, the Beckhams, the Ramsays and many others who had ordered orchids from George.

The orchids were beautiful and even though the people who worked with the orchids were obviously very talented in orchid arrangement, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the creative genius of our awesome God, by which, much like the scenery along the coast, His glory really is being constantly displayed in His creation.

Denise and I are very grateful to have spent a few restful days in Malibu, courtesy of the generosity of the Ryan family.  We highly recommend this experince to every seminary couple and are already planning to go again some time in the new year.


4 responses to “Malibu Getaway

  1. it looks beautiful, and it’s so neat to see you two looking so happy together in the photos.

  2. Wow huh! You lucky (blessed) people you! God is so gracious and His people are so giving. It’s great to see (and read) what you’ve been up to and how life is going (home and seminary). I often see the funny, weird & wonderful things / pictures that Denise posts on Facebook – thanks Denise 🙂 We hope the girls are coping OK still – it looks as though they are, and, that they have made plenty of nice friends. It looks as though you’re getting some pretty nice weather too – just remember to cover up though huh…..or is that only people in NZ where the ozone has depleted?!
    Our weather here is still pretty changeable – spring/winter/summer days mixed into most weeks – argh!
    We had a good crowd at Naenae this afternoon. Many of our usual crowd and a number of new folk – mostly younger teenager type. There are definitely no barriers – anyone who turns up gets treated with the uppermost respect – we try to love them as our Savior would (as you’ve experienced along side us in days gone passed). We know, ‘But for the grace of God, there I would go’. We are no different to them, other than having been saved by His grace.
    I’m sure I would be speaking for the whole team at home / Naenae in saying that, “We are so very proud of you (all), and seeing and hearing what God is doing in your lives is just such an encouragement and a blessing to us all. Keep your eyes fixed on Him and keep striving towards the goal He has set for you.”
    God bless you all.
    Friends in Christ – Ross, Donna & Sarah Burr
    PS – Please say “Hi” to Victoria & Maddi from us.
    PS – Please pray for my son (Jeremy) & his girl friend (Sara) – for their salvation. Thanks.

  3. “Naturally, I took my school work with the best intentions of getting a lot of work done, especially at this end of the semester”

    You just don’t get it, do you…..?.

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